Western Ringtailed Possum

Western Ringtailed Possum is critically endangered .

Yelverton Brook has several types of Possums in the Conservation Sanctuary including the Critically Endangered Western Ringtailed Possum.

Not often seen on the ground, but often heard making a call up in the trees.

Ring Tailed Possum - are about the size of a cat.
They have a very long, white tipped tail which curls into a ring. They use their tail as another hand when they swing from branch to branch.
They are usually grey in colour with white bellies and have big brown eyes. They spend most of their time curled up asleep, coming out at night to feed on leaves, flowers and fruit. They usually live in a nest, similar to a bird made of twigs and leaves. Our local residents make a drey (nest) of their favourite Peppermint Tree leaves. They have a pouch for their young and are a marsupial. The babies drink the mothers milk and when they are to big for the pouch (4-5 months) they cling tightly to their mothers back until maturing.
Yelverton Brook has been used a soft release program with the local FAWNA carers and has re-introduced many pairs back onto the property.
Some of the males are a bit tardy leaving their Possum Hotel taking up to 2-3 weeks to find a new home within the 100ac sanctuary.

They are Critically Endangered in Western Australia however in the towns of Busselton & Dunsborough they are still often seen in folks back yards climbing along back fences end enjoying garden flowers at night time. In the countryside are rarer to see, as they prefer tree cover that is continuous to traverse. They are not comfortable walking on the ground plus predatation by dogs & cats plus foxes drives them to stay up in the trees only coming down when they really have too.

You can see some special Possum overpasses in Busselton & between Busselton & Dunsborough over the busy roadways to help keep them safe.


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