Western Pygmy Possum

Western Pygmy Possum so cute it will melt your heart.

Western Pygmy Possum - 

Size - head & body length - 8.5mm, Tail length - 83.5mm     

Weight : 14g

Rarely Seen but oh so cute!

They slightly smaller than their Eastern States cousins, they are an active climber among shrubs using the prehensile tail as a fifth limb. 

It also descends to the ground, it feeds mainly on insects. Insects are caught in the mouth but held with the forepaws while being eaten.

It also sleeps during the day, usually in a spherical nest of leaves in a small tree-hole or similar cavity, sometimes using disused birds nests. 

They are a small nocturnal animal and live in dense shrubby woodland and mallee areas. 

Sleep is usually associated with torpor the body temperature falling almost to that of the surroundings.

They say to melt your heart if you held one in your hands thinking it may have died but is actually in a deep, deep sleep the warmth of your hands wakes it up.

 Breeding takes place throughout the year. 

The female has six teats and six young may be raised. These complete their development in the nest after vacating the pouch. Two sometimes three litters may be raised in a year.


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