Western Kangaroo

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Western Grey Kangaroo habitat requirements are wide ranging from from the damp southwest forests to the semi-arid Savannah and woodlands.

Meet them on your chalet doorstep at Yelverton Brook.

Gestation & life cycle - 

Births occurs throughout the year but a more frequent over the summer months. The destination period is about 30 days. At birth, the young way it over 0.8 gms. Pouch life last for 320 days. Females begin to reproduce when they about 17 months old.

When you consider the gestational period is only 33 days that the baby is blind and its rear limbs carefully crossed over each others with developed forearms starts its task of climbing up to its mothers pouch from the cloaca near its mothers tail. This is really equivalent of the blind man with broken legs crawling through a thick forest to the top of Mount Everest using only his arms as means of propulsion, The baby as soon as it was born, small, pink and hairless leaves near its mother's tail and starts on this mammoth feat of endurance with absolutely no assistance from the mother. The little pink blob struggles through the thick fur, it takes about 10 minutes from the time it was born to climb to the rim of the pouch. That it is only one gram to achieve this climb was a miracle in itself, but the task did not in there.

The pouch is approx the size of a large handbag and into this a tiny Kangaroo no bigger than the end joint of adults finger has to climb in and search this enormous very area in order to find its mother's teat. Once having founded the teat it fastens onto it and then it swells up in its mouth thus making a secure connection. So well connected that if you try to pull a baby Kangaroo from the mother's teat you can damage the soft mouth and cause bleeding. This gave rise to the idea that baby Kangaroo is a born on the teat and developed like a bud. After arriving into this world only half formed and then having to undertake this task for survival I feel a baby Kangaroo really deserves its life in it's fur lined, and centrally heated carriage with a built-in milk bar.

Caring for orphans is a very dedicated job, feeding can take place every few hours. 

Our matriarch female "Piggy Kangaroo" is now approx 25 years old, in the wild they usually can live to 15 so she is definitely classified as old! On special foods now for her breakfast that we would love to eat & another banana for a dinner snack. Safe in the 100ac sanctuary from predators she will enjoy her retirement from greeting chalet clients and stealing from your bins & hopping inside as she was an orphan so a house is a good place to visit. Very cheeky old girl.

The kangaroos are the only crowds at Yelverton Brook that often gather day or night on your private chalet lawn to say hello and they love their photo taken.


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