Rosas Ridge Pasture Meats

Rosas Ridge Regenerative Pastured Raised Meats.

Rosas Ridge offers locally grown regenerated pasture raised meats in the beautiful Margaret River region.

Only 11kms from Margaret River in the small community of Rosa Brook at 38 Barrett Road, Rosa Brook WA.

Family owned and operated farming business dedicated to growing Pasture Raised Table Birds and Premium Goat meat using regenerative, ethical and transparent practices on spray free pastures..

Their Goat - planned grazing management paired with supplemented, free choice minerals ensure their goats maintain optimal health, resulting in a purely chem-free and premium grass-fed meat product. With less saturated fat and cholesterol than other red meats, higher in iron than lamb, beef and chicken and with a subtle, sweet savoury flavour - their goat is the perfect choice for the health-conscious consumer.

Their Chicken - Additionally, they grow their birds from day old to processing date, brooding in all natural lighting on bedding specific for young poultry.

Upon graduating at 2-3 weeks into the Chicken Chalets (large moveable houses with stocking rates less than Organic Free Range by 37.5%) their birds have direct contact to pasture.

Their coops are moved daily to maintain optimal soil and animal health. Designed to allow fresh air, vitamin D from the sun, a smorgasbord of micro-organisms, insects, seeds and grasses whilst being protected from harsh weather and predators.

Humane Hand processing allows for an uncontaminated clean finish, ensuring the highest eating experience.


An array of whole and cut up product will be available most Saturdays at the Margaret River Farmers Markets as they feel strongly about maintaining the relationship between grower and consumer and understand its important role in maintaining the transparency of our business practices.  Come on down, say g’day and grab some wholesome, nutrient packed pastured meats for your family.     

Alternatively, for when life gets busy and you’re unable to make it to the markets, Margaret River Gourmet Meats and Gathered Organics in Margaret River or in Dunsborough try The Growers Market or coming to Busselton is BG's in Busselton LIA will stock our Pasture Raised Whole Birds.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Stephanie & Samuel Hondema at and follow them on Facebook to “know your farmer”.    

Phone: 0422015533

Last Note

We are here to help you enjoy your retreat, if you have any questions please call us on 08 977557579 or email us.

Kind regards & see you soon

Joy & Simon Ensor

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