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The Flora & Fauna Sanctuary  

At Yelverton Brook we have fenced the entire 100 acs with a special predator proof fence of rabbit  netting 1200mm high with 3-4 hot wires & rabbit repair on both sides of the fence on the ground to stop/discourage predators entering the property. Eg: Introduced species such as foxes and rabbits through to feral cats & foxes. The fence is currently 1.6mts in height, currently 3 x critically endangered native Australian species are living int his protected zone like the Woylie a miniature Kangaroo only 20cm high, Western Ringtailed Possum & Dunsborough Burrowing Crayfish.

Donations are most welcome for our ongoing work, repair & maintenance -  you can make payment by credit card or PayPal - 

Woylie Brushtailed Bettong

We had thought we would extend the predator fence higher to 2.1mts with a overhang to deter feral cats from entering the property, but so far does not seem necessary but any financial help would be greatly appreciated. We have been successful with a funding application from Streamlining & GeoCatch a local water catchment group to fence one side of our winter stream, only around $2000. The balance of the finances have come from your holidays in our tourism accommodation business. With the fence valued at approx $120,000 this is a very serious investment plus ongoing maintenance of the 2.4km electric fence & front gate. 

This project started in early 2000, ...more. Hundreds of man hours by the owners, Simon & Joy Ensor a husband & wife team with no other help. They have turned the property into a "Conservation Sanctuary" and now open to the general public and take guided nocturnal tours to visit the re-stocked native fauna population. Contact Mick & Ryan from Southwest Eco Discoveries call them on 0477049722 

Funding has been applied to The Natural Heritage Trust to extend the fence from 1.6mts to 2.1 mts, which was rejected due to being on a boundary fence & run as a Family Trust. Now a company setup is in place to re-apply for federal grants.

Our 2005 WA Landcare Award came with a prize of $500 which will be spent on the fence to start to extend it upwards to a final height of 2.1mts. To help keep out feral cats as they love to climb...........but do not like hanging upside down whilst hanging onto an electric fence. They are also very reluctnent to take baits whereas foxes are more willing for a free feed. 2006 saw Yelverton Brook represent Western Australia in the national Landcare Awards in Melbourne. A notable achievement as they were the only tourism business there! 2007 saw Yelverton Brook become the ONLY tourism business in Australia be a Finalist in the Australian Banksia Environmental Awards......We will be maintaining a safely controlled baiting program within the boundaries using a native local poison called 1080 that naturally occurs in local vegetation so no harm will come to local fauna if they eat it, but it is fatal to feral animals. Trapping will also be used as feral cats are hard to get to take a bait. Our conservation mission is to re-introduce native fauna, that has been eradicated by feral animals. We are looking forward to seeing our woylies, quokkas, wallabies and many possum's return here with safety and let them get on with the business of breeding in a feral free area. Currently offering a safe home for rehabilitated Quokka & Brushtailed Wallaby to join our family of furry friends in the sanctuary.

Great news the last fox was finally caught in late March "07 and within two days Bandicoots were seen again visiting the home from the creek-line..... Our Visitors Help The Cause - Donations will help us achieve our aim of creating a predator free environment. We are collecting and collating information on all the flora & fauna we presently have. Our difficulty has been that many species are timid and nocturnal; they can be hard to identify; and native fauna (wildflowers) vary greatly and appear sporadically during their own short lived seasons, with the help of our clients in alerting us of what they see, the unusual and unique are now appearing in our journals, and we establish something very special with our clients at Yelverton Brook Conservation Sanctuary. In your chalet now is a "Wildlife Journal" to help us document the sightings and sometimes funny and unusual events your wildlife gets up to, this will build into a special recording of what is going on at Yelverton Brook.

The Woylies or Brushtailed Bettongs have settled in well & are breeding well plus now after the last fox was removed the woylies have been released from the breeding enclosure with 20+ has been bred on the property from the original 4.

These are a very small Kangaroo only 30cms or 10" tall. Commonly known as a Woylie or Rat Kangaroo. When we started this program the quarrantine pen has been built to CALM's satisfaction and they helped us with transfers from Perth Zoo from their successful breeding program. If the Woylies are happy reproduction can be as high as 3 x joeys per female per year, or a turnover of 100 days!  Our orginal breeding pen is larger than their old home at Perth Zoo, now they are they are experiencing the 100 acs!

Some are now over visiting the chalets........

We received Jemma another female Woylie through CALM and now we have many successful results with babies hopping around and more bumps in those pouches
For more information please visit our Woylie page.

Enjoy your favourite glass of Margaret River wine whilst watching the antics of these wonderful native rare fauna, enquire with Joy & Simon for a suitable time, best on dusk and early evening as they are nocturnal creatures meaning they are sleeping during the day. Woylies & wine at Yelverton Brook..............
Enjoy the meandering walktrails around the property, try a nightstalk with a torch...

The Unique Walk Trails 

Extensive walk trails meander around Yelverton Brook Conservation Sanctuary-

Come and enjoy exploring what Yelverton Brook has to offer you along our walk trails. Rest on the seating and dine at the picnic sites to imagine listening to the sounds of nature, the soft breeze through the Sheoak needles are a wondrous sound. We have placed 70 tonnes of crushed limestone along the walk trails by wheelbarrow and shovel to stop any die back being spread through the property, this also makes it much easier to follow the trails. A long and short trail are on offer depending on your energy levels. Don't forget to take your camera, the wildlife sometimes is a little elusive. We have reintroduced predated fauna back onto the property, now offering them a safe release site free of feral animals eg" foxes, cats and rabbits. This has become a safe breeding place and excess fauna will be release onto other like minded properties and DEC managed lands. The Woylie or Brushtailed Bettong breeding has been successful and now been released into the 100 ac Conservation Sanctuary.

Look out for the Snottlegobble trees, Emu Plums, Swamp Bottlebrush, Xmas Trees and much, much more. All this predator fencing has been done by Simon & Joy, learning from other properties in Australia & New Zealand. Replacement of this predator proof fence is estimated  at $100,000- $120,000 so far & hundreds of man hours have gone into building the Conservation  Sanctuary fence. All of this is self funded from accommodation revenue, only one small grant of $2,900 from GeoCatch for Streamlining Funding round which was greatly appreciated. Any donations to our ongoing conservation work is greatly appreciated. You can donate via Paypal with any major credit card to 

In each private Studio and Lodge you have been provided with a "Bird Identification Field Guide" and flower guide books. Plus a copy of the local "Cape to Cape" walking track guide along the coast from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin. We are planning to offer Sponsorship & Adoption packages for our native fauna species. All of the structural work for the electric front gate is complete and the electric fence is now ticking. The fence is to a final height of 1.6 mts that will help to keep the cats out, with electric wires on top of the rabbit netting and rabbit repair on the ground both sides of the fence to stop feral's digging their way into the Sanctuary. Colourbond panels have been added to the gates to stop cats getting in.

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