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Discover a local Identity Graham Noakes -

I have owned & worked for a few businesses in Margaret River where I got to meet many different people, like at a local service Station for 10yrs and a Towing Service for 30yrs. Also I  was in a band for 8yrs that played all sorts of music- even played for a wedding in Busselton one time for a lady called Grace - she did request "Amazing Grace" as one of the songs 3 x times!

Plus I ran the Karaoke for 16yrs at Settlers Tavern with Clarkie then with Emma Holben about 8-9yrs over at the Knights Inn. I must admit to being born in Kojonup in the wheatbelt in Western Australia & moved over to  Margaret River at around 3yrs old, as  Dads brothers and family moved from wheat farming into dairying. They believed their was less risk. Funny thing my younger brother Richard has brought a farm back near Wickepin wheatbelt!

I was one of the very early surfers around 1966-67, lots of memories with Ric Chan have alot of photos of that era found on Google Images now.

I actually won 1st prize in the lotteries (then know as charities) on Feb 14th 1966 just as the currency was changing from Pounds to decimal, my win was the first payout in the new currency!

I met my wife Lisa when she was 14yrs old & I was 19yrs old through the local Agricultural Show in Margaret River. Lisa came as a Baton Twirler for the show & was billeted at my house as my dad was the then current President. What a score!

Now we have 3 x children, 7 x grandkids plus 3 x great grandkids so far!

I did know Simon's farther Paul Ensor through his invention of the Rotensor Plough which I helped sell through Witchcliffe Farm Services, of which we sold quite a few.

I was known "As the face that drives women wild" 

About 4 1/2 rs ago I finally gave up smoking & drinking after my younger years trying to drink the pub dry.

But I love a Coke but sugar free of course!

My yard in Margaret River in Burton Street is officially called Margaret River Hire but has a little bit of everything, a true local recycler of many things. If your looking for something I most likely can find it around here.


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