Meet The Stingrays in Hamelin Bay

Hamelin Bay
Hamelin Bay

Just a short 45 minute drive south of Yelverton Brook, you’ll find the stunning Hamelin Bay, well-known for its friendly stingrays that grace the shoreline year-round.

The shallow waters are inhabited by smooth stingrays, black stingrays and eagle rays. Some measure up to two metres across and are often seen close to the shore, around the old jetty or boat ramp, feeding off the scraps left by local fishermen.

The best conditions for seeing these captivating creatures is when there is an offshore wind, or little wind at all, which helps to ensure the water is nice a clear. 

Our top tip? If you’re visiting during summer months, be sure to head to Hamelin Bay early in the morning.

At this time of day the waters tend to be a lot calmer due to easterly winds, making rays easier to spot. You’ll also escape other tourists!

But keep in mind that these are wild creatures – with a venomous barb which they may use to defend themselves if they feel threatened! You should maintain your distance to respect their space. Do not touch or feed the stingrays.

However, it’s not just stingrays that make Hamelin Bay one of Western Australia’s top beaches.

It’s also the perfect location for water based activities, including scuba diving and snorkelling due to the many ship wrecks that draw adventure seekers from around the globe.

Hamelin Bay is also part of the iconic Cape To Cape walk.

If you enjoy hiking, why not walk the 13km return trail to Cosy Corner. It takes approximately 4 hours and involves some short, steep sections but you’ll be rewarded with some beautiful outlooks! 

Alternatively, a simple, short stroll along this track leads you to the Hamelin Bay Observation Deck which is the perfect vantage point for wonderful views of the bay!

And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for migrating whales at the right time of year.

The Margaret River regions plays host to an estimated 35,000 whales migrating from the Antarctic to our warmer waters between June-December every year!

Hamelin Bay is also great for keen bird spotters.

The freshwater lake opposite the beach and costal headlands are home to a variety of species of water birds including Grey Teal, Purple Swamphen and Grebes. Collard Sparrowhawks and little Eagles have also been seen here.

What’s more, the town of Augusta is just a short 15 minute drive further south of Hamelin Bay – a great place to head to afterwards and make a day of it!

So from relaxing on white sand, snorkelling in Crystal turquoise waters, or exploring picturesque coastal walks, Hamelin Bay offers something for everyone and should be a must-visit place on your itinerary!,

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