Gabreil Chocolate

Gabreil Chocolate factory is south of Yallingup.

Just over on Caves Road south of Yallingup is a magical place called Gabrielle Chocolate. It's pretty famous for their winter treat of a real "Hot Chocolate" with a choice of up to 72% dark chocolate. They are Western Australia's first bean to bar chocolate makers, they transform the humble raw cacao bean into delicate, smooth and award winning chocolate. 

In sourcing their cacao they look for a range of flavours from a range of geographic locations to create chocolate that shows the diversity in the world of chocolate. From the smoky Indonesian to the finest fruits of Venezuela you can travel the world through Gabriel Chocolate.

In the next few weeks they will reveal their new baby an amazing 115 year old Melangeur to live on as a working machine again and will be on display through a viewing window into the factory. We had a sneak peek at this beast of huge granite wheels that crush the cacao beans the old fashioned way.

Gabreil & Ruth's passion is to work with what nature provides them in each individual sack of cacao beans that they receive. Each bean is hand sorted, carefully roasted, and immediately winnowed to produce cocoa nibs good enough to eat by itself. Through their custom approach of grinding and refining they preserve and enhance the naturally occurring flavours in the cocoa bean to produce the amazing range of single origin chocolate. From the intensity of a 99% dark to the creamy white chocolate they offer a chocolate experience for everyone.

At the factory in Yallingup they offer an awesome small cafe with coffee's & hot chocolates, light lunches plus the very best icecream made onsite, a huge hit in the warmer months.

Gabriel's offer selected gift packs from their own premium selection to three bars of milk or dark chocolate. Perfect gift for yourself (you deserve it!) or for any special occasion plus many more in store or via their online shop if you cannot make it to Yallingup. 

Enjoy their famous hot chocolates at home with either hot chocolate sticks or specially created hot chocolate powder, the deliciously rich cocoa powder and freshly roasted cocoa nibs.

A must see place on your next visit to Yelverton Brook and usually open 7 days a week.


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