Eagles Heritage Flying From The Glove

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Eagles Heritage is home to one of the largest collection of Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and Owls in Australia.

Encounter some of the magnificent resident birds of prey close-up during twice daily flight displays. Learn how the birds use their extraordinary sensory abilities to track and catch prey, and watch their precision in action as they swoop from the treetops to catch their food.

Eagles Heritage was established in 1987 out of a need to provide homes for permanently disabled birds of prey and owls which had been handed in and cared for by volunteers, but which, due to the nature of their injuries, were unable to make a recovery sufficient for their return to the wild.

The park opened its gates to the public for the first time on New Year’s Day in 1998. The fauna you see on display at Eagles Heritage are permanently disabled rehabilitation patients, captive bred birds and individuals which have been transferred in from other facilities. Many more birds are rehabilitated and returned to the wild each year.

In addition to the flight display, your visit to Eagles Heritage includes a self-guided 1km walk through native forest where you can meet some diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey.

Away from the public view, seven acres at Eagles Heritage has been set aside for wildlife rehabilitation, including a hospital and specialised facilities designed to help sick, injured and orphaned raptors return to the wild. The centre also provides training and support for volunteer wildlife rehabilitators who wish to work with these unique and amazing birds.

Your visit and the entry fee you pay helps to support their important conservation work.

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