Djiljit Mia Meeting Place Dunsborough

A hidden gem in Dunsborough.

Found hidden off Hannah Lane

Community Nature Playground

The Djiljit Mia Community Gathering Nature Place is hidden away in Dunsborough along the Dugalup creek.  

It was built on degraded crown land which now showcases cultural interpretative space with Aboriginal artworks, sculptures and nature play features.

The gathering place, coordinated by the Dunsborough Progress Association and overseen by local cultural custodian Josh Whiteland, is designed to pay homage to the traditional custodians and their ties to the Dugalup Brook area.

The location, situated next to Hannay Lane, is one of great significance to the Wadandi people - who once gathered for seasonal celebrations and to set traditional fish traps in the area.

Assisting and supporting the local community, with enthusiastic and skilled volunteers, the NBP team was able to help create a beautiful and meaningful nature-based Community Gathering Place for the local community. Through intense weeks of work in the regional area, working closely with local community volunteers, locals supplied, mobilised and finished many of the design’s timber, cultural, artistic, amenity and landscape elements in a truly collaborative effort.

After 15-months, countless hours worth of planning the result is a truly collaborative project, resulting in a unique and special community gathering place, which is the first in the area to tell the cultural history of the area.

The development will feature a performance area, natural amphitheatre seating, Aboriginal art and sculpture and nature-based play - with repurposed and recycled materials are used in its construction.

Now completed, the gathering place will be the first in Dunsborough to reference the local Wadandi people.

Locals helped from "Earth moving companies, machinery, site workers, donations of rocks, timber, reticulation, electrics, plumbing, discounted materials, plants - you name it, it's been donated.

Nature Based Play architect and designer Terry Farrel said the company was thrilled to be working with another great regional community on a project that would create a bond bigger than the project itself.

"It's pretty rare for companies to do this," he said.

"Our company does specialise in doing these community-based projects, but they're really testing. The amount of work Trish has had to put in is just phenomenal.

"It is a bit of goodwill. We couldn't afford to do this all of the time.

"We work a lot with rural communities, because they can really pull it together.

"It creates a bond within the community that is much bigger than the project itself."

The primary sponsors were the City of Busselton, The Cove Dunsborough, Bendigo Bank, RAC and the federal government.

This place is a definite must see, a real hidden gem.


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