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Handmade Icecreams

Discover Ice-creams in the Margaret River Region

Offering you a Licking Good Time

The sun is shining, and there’s no better way to beat the heat than indulging in a scoop (or two) of delicious, locally made ice cream. Busselton to Margaret River offer a treasure trove of ice cream factories & parlors that will delight your taste buds. Let’s embark on a tasty journey and discover the creamiest gems in the heart of this picturesque region.

1. Simmos – Where Creativity Meets Ice Cream

If you’re looking for a place where creativity knows no bounds, Simmos is your go-to destination. Situated right in the heart of Busselton, this ice cream parlor is famous for pushing the boundaries of ice cream flavors. From classic creamy vanilla to zany options like “Licorice Lockdown” and “Bubblegum Bliss,” Simmos caters to all tastes. Your visit to this whimsical ice cream parlor is bound to be a lick-worthy experience found just on the edge of Dunsborough plus has a great Mini Golf course.

2. Millers – Time-Tested Deliciousness

For a taste of nostalgia and the comforting familiarity of classic ice cream flavors, look no further than Millers. A beloved family-owned ice cream shop of their farm, Millers has been a cherished local institution for generations. They specialize in crafting ice cream the old-fashioned way, using fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. “Butterscotch Swirl” and “Chocolate Fudge” are just a couple of their timeless flavors that will transport you to the simpler, tastier times of yesteryears, just out of Cowaramup.

3. Gabrielle Gelato – The Art of Italian Indulgence

Escape to the streets of Italy without leaving the region by visiting Gabrielle Gelato. This charming gelateria is a hidden gem known for its artisanal gelato, made with the finest ingredients and traditional techniques. “Tiramisu Temptation” and “Luscious Lemon” are just a taste of the Italian indulgence that awaits you here. Soon moving to Metricup area just down the road from us. Don’t forget about the “Bean to Bar” chocolate as well!

4. Subzero Gelato – Awards and Excellence Inside Origins Markets

If you’re in the mood for something special, head over to Subzero Gelato, located inside Origins Markets in Busselton. This gem has been making waves in the ice cream world, recently scooping up numerous awards for their exceptional gelato. With a focus on quality and innovation, Subzero Gelato is a must-visit for any true ice cream connoisseur.

5. Gelato Buonissimo – A Taste of Italy in Busselton

For more Italian-inspired goodness, make your way to Gelato Buonissimo. This gelateria in Busselton boasts an array of delectable flavors that capture the essence of Italy. From the rich and creamy “Stracciatella” to the refreshing “Mango Sorbet,” Gelato Buonissimo has something for everyone.

6. Two Fat Cows – Handcrafted Creamy Delights

Two Fat Cows takes the concept of handcrafted ice cream to a whole new level. This runs from a van at local markets handmade by Sharon, she prides itself on making ice cream from scratch. Their flavors are constantly changing, with seasonal ingredients inspiring new creations. You’ll find delights like “Honeycomb Crunch” and “Roasted Peach Perfection” that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Two Fat Cows embodies the idea that the best things in life are handcrafted with love. Plus they offer handmade Icecream Cakes as well!

7. Beach Shack – A Simple Beachside Pleasure

After a day of exploring Busselton’s streets and stunning coastline, make your way to the Beach Shack. Located right next to the Equinox at the Busselton Jetty, this humble spot offers a simple pleasure – delicious ice cream with a view. Grab your favorite flavor, take a leisurely stroll along the beach, and savor every scoop as you watch the sun dip below the horizon right next to the famous Busselton Jetty.

8. Milk Shack 

Right on the main Street of Margaret River is an awesome Milkbar serving the famous Millers Ice-creams with a wide range of flavours. Plus they offer milkshakes & smoothies. With seating inside & outside it’s a nice way to cool down and savour the flavor of a hand crafted ice cream right in the heart of Margaret River township.

Its a wrap – In the region, the ice cream adventure is endless. From creative flavors at Simmos to the nostalgia of Millers, the Italian indulgence of Gabrielle Gelato, the award-winning delights of Subzero Gelato, the taste of Italy at Gelato Buonissimo, the handcrafted excellence of Two Fat Cows, and the simple beachside pleasures of the Beach Shack or Milk Shack in the main street, there’s a treat for every craving. So, get ready to scoop your way through Busselton to Margaret River and Dunsborough making sweet memories along the way. Your ice cream adventure awaits!

Ice-creams in Margaret River

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