Discover Deadly


Discover Deadly

With over 30 different species of reptile and amphibian, the Discover Deadly Education Centre showcases the largest display ofit’s kind in the south west.

Offering you Snakes, Lizards, Dragons, Geckos, Crocodile, Turtle, Amphibians And Invertebrates.


Their goal is to encourage a positive attitude towards snakes and other misunderstood animals that can be perceived as dangerous.They are passionate in providing the truth about deadly cool critters whilst entertaining the public.  

Their fiercely fun experiences and encounters help to replace FEAR with KNOWLEDGE.  

They are wildly committed to the conservation of reptiles,promoting acceptance and respect for all of our native wildlife.

It's a short 5 min drive from Yelverton Brook and guaranteed constant warm weather inside the facility.

Open Hours

Wednesday to Sunday

Entry: 10am to 4pm last entry 3pm

Closed - December 24, 25, 26 and Good Friday (Open all other Public Holidays)

Raising money to support essential animal costs.

The unique reptile centre is wildly committed to the conservation of reptiles and educating the public. We really value the support we have received since we opened our doors in 2007. The funding of the centre relies almost entirely on ticket sales, educational visits and group experiences. The closure of the reptile centre due to Covid-19 left them facing a big challenge and they are still struggling from the loss of funds they weren’t able to make during that time, remember all the wildlife still needed care and feeding but with your help they know they can still overcome it…

Education and exposure are the best ways to overcome your fears by replacing that fear with knowledge. Plan a trip to the Discover Deadly education centre and give them a chance to answer your questions and let you see the wide range of animals in a safe and friendly environment!

Book a Snake Safety and Awareness session with them! 

Learn even more about snake facts and behaviours with their informative, safe and fun group sessions.In the Discover Deadly Education Centre they notice changes in the reptiles too! 

The building was designed to follow the seasons and the animal enclosures will naturally warm up and cool off throughout the year. The Central Bearded Dragon “Zap” and  Southern Heath Monitor “Reggie” start to hide when the temperature drops, but will come out to drink and bask. 

Most of the Stimson’s Pythons enter brumation as the weather cools off and won’t eat for almost6 months of the year! During winter some of the venomous snakes like our Dugite start to become darker in colour when they shed or slough, this is so he can absorb more heat when basking. 

All of our reptiles slow down in winter, even the Saltwater crocodile “Harry” isn’t as accurate at snapping up his food, but come spring as the weather warms up so do they and feeding time is a lot more interesting!


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