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The beautiful small town of Cowaramup offers you a Cowaramup Public Art Trail that showcases a range of art on display in this small rural town in the Margaret River region of Western Australia 

Nestled in the heart of Western Australia’s Margaret River region, the beautiful town of Cowaramup is a hidden gem that beckons art enthusiasts and curious travelers alike. Beyond its picturesque landscapes and quaint streets, Cowaramup boasts a vibrant canvas of public art that adds a unique flair to the community. Affectionately known as ‘Cow Town,’ this wonderful place is not only adorned with captivating sculptures and murals but is also home to a herd of fibreglass friesen cows that graze its streets. Enjoy the journey through Cowaramup, a place whose real name, meaning “Place of the Cowara Parrot,” only hints at the richness of its artistic tapestry.

The Artistic Tapestry Unveiled:

Cowaramup Village : Our journey begins at the right in the main street of Cowaramup.  Amidst the vibrant collection, it’s hard to miss the whimsical fibreglass freisen cows that add a touch of playfulness to the landscape. These cows, part of Cowaramup’s unique identity from it’s dairy heritaage, are not just sculptures but beloved members of the community, symbolizing the town’s endearing moniker, ‘Cow Town.’

Street Murals: As we meander through Cowaramup’s main street, we encounter more than just murals tucked away on sides of buildings– we find ourselves surrounded by the presence of fibreglass cows. These bovine artworks, painted and decorated in black & white, pay homage to Cowaramup’s agricultural heritage and add an extra layer of charm to the street, turning it into a true ‘Cow Town’ masterpiece. Sometimes sporting a theme of a season.

Walls are adorned just off the main streets just waiting to be discovered. Take a picture of family & friends with the large Angel Wings.

Sculptures Amongst the Town:

Roast on the Post  in Pioneer Park is quite a statement with some other steel structures to enjoy, wonderful picnic spot with bbqs and shady trees. Plus a small winter stream with a stone bridge.

Cowaramup seamlessly integrates art with its agricultural roots, and the fibreglass cows are no exception. Throughout the townsite, these quirky sculptures graze peacefully, offering a delightful impression of rural life and artistic expression. It’s a visual feast where nature and art coexist harmoniously.

Plus keep an eye for the smaller art scattered around the town.

Heritage Narratives: The town’s rich history, is also told through story boards scattered around the town explaining the history of this region. 

Community Collaboration:

Beyond being passive spectators, the fibreglass cows of Cowaramup are a testament to the spirit that defines the town. Local artists, residents, and even businesses have embraced these cows as canvases, contributing to a dynamic community-driven art project that starts at the northern end of town’s entry statement. ‘Cow Town’ truly embodies the spirit of Cowaramup – a community that not only appreciates art but actively participates in its creation.

Preserving the Artistic Legacy:

As we conclude our artistic journey through ‘Cow Town,’ it’s evident that the fibreglass cows are not just symbolic; they are an integral part of Cowaramup’s identity. Community initiatives ensure the maintenance and preservation of these charming creatures, safeguarding the town’s artistic legacy and ensuring that ‘Cow Town’ remains a vibrant and beloved destination for years to come.

Final Thoughts:

Cowaramup’s public art is more than a mere visual spectacle; it’s a celebration of the town’s essence, creativity, and sense of community. So, the next time you find yourself in Western Australia, make a point to visit Cowaramup, embrace the whimsy of ‘Cow Town,’ and let the town’s public art, woven with fibreglass cows and sculptures alike, delight you. In this place, where the real name means “Place of the Cowara Parrot,” the art tells stories that echo through the charming streets and resonate with the warm and welcoming spirit of Cowaramup community.

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