Southern Brown Bandicoot.

Or Quenda

The Southern Brown Bandicoot - is one of many species of fauna often seen scurrying around the sanctuary usually after dark.The official name is "Isoodon obesulus"

About - Originally an Indian name for an Asian rat, "Bandicoota indicus" as they thought they looked like a rat in body size & coarse hair. However the Bandicoots long snout and many pointed teeth are quite distinctive. The Southern Brown Bandicoot or Quenda is a mainly nocturnal creature with poor eyesight but the most amazing sense of smell! They scamper along on all four legs & occasionally sit upright on their rear haunches to look out for predators and check their surroundings.Their long sensitive snouts detect food in the form of insects/beetles, worms, seeds & berries. They do love to chew on bones as well as they can smell a bbq from a distance and may drop by to see what your cooking at your chalet

They tunnel through undergrowth in a variety of habitats from grasslands to rainforests. When they become alarmed they move very fast on their powerful hind legs.

They use their strong fore-paws for scratching & digging around in the leaf litter and earth for juicy morsels. You may be able to get up close to the friendly ones around the chalets and see the beautiful long front claws. They have small ears & like a rats tail. 

Generally they are solitary creatures, resting during the day in well concealed nests, which they construct in shallow depressions that they excavate in the ground. They line the nests with leaves, grasses & twigs having both entry & exit entrances.

They breed very well with a gestation of around 12.5 days, females have four to eight teats in their pouch usually only rearing 2-4 per littler but she can have more. They can breed several times each year with recorded offspring that can occur every seven weeks! Pregnant females are often seen here dragging their belies along the ground, looking heavily pregnant.

An interesting note is the pouch opens rear ward like the Wombat, so they do not fill up the pouch with their constant digging. The babies can exit & re-enter the pouch until they are ready to leave mum at around the a mouse size being from nose to bottom. 

A Bandicoots hind limb are very like the Kangaroos with long slender feet bearing a grooming claw formed by the fusion of the second & third toes.

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