Augusta River Tours

Augusta River Tours
Augusta River Tours 1

Augusta River Tours provide a relaxing cruise of the Beautiful Blackwood River where you will be entertained and informed with a guided tour of the unspoilt wetland eco system. From the River mouth to Molloy Island it is rich in history and teaming with wildlife.

The shallow waters, sandbanks and river islands are alive with an amazing variety of birdlife. It is a major feeding ground for Black Swans, Pelicans and Cormorants. There are 60 species of bird that have been seen, with some flying from the northern hemisphere.

A pod of resident Bottle-nose Dolphins is seen regularly and if not busy fishing, will play alongside the boat.

The Dolphin Discoverer is a safe, comfortable, all weather, purpose-built vessel with easy access and good viewing. Augusta River Cruises is licenced for 29 passengers it can be hired for private tours, sundowners, parties etc. So, get a group together.

Free rainwater is available onboard, but you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks. A Camera, Binoculars and a smile are recommended.

Tour skipper and guide Graeme Challis has grown up on the River with his Grandparents settling on the Blackwood in 1923 and with a family history of fishing the river he has plenty of local knowledge and stories to tell.

The picturesque sea-side town or Augusta is known for its natural beauty and relaxed life style. It is where the largest river in the southwest finishes its 325km journey and the Oceans meet. And the best way to get a feel for the area is a River Tour on the Dolphin Discoverer.

Augusta River Tours are an absolute must for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

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