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The Story of Yelverton Brook


Hi, we’re Joy and Simon Ensor. Many of our guests are curious as to how we became the proud owners of Yelverton Brook Conservation Sanctuary so we’d like to share our story…

We first purchased Yelverton Brook as a 100-acre virgin bush block in 1988 and with a passion for all things nature and a strong organic ethos, our dream was to establish a tourism venture with green ideals.

It was a huge endeavour. With no infrastructure, buildings, power source or water supply, we literally had to start from the ground up. But we overcame the challenges and our hard-work and determination paid off.

Over the next five years, we lovingly hand-built three Lodges and two Studios using sustainably sourced materials, with a strong focus on energy efficiency and environmentally sensitive design. Many of the interior furnishings were also made from natural Sheoak and Jarrah timbers found on the land.

We positioned each of the properties into existing, natural bushland clearings in order to ensure a low environmental impact and as little disturbance to nature as possible. As a result, each is nestled in an amphitheatre of forest, creating privacy for guests and a feeling of seclusion.

During this time, we both worked additional jobs and sold everything not bolted down in order to fund the project. And we somehow managed to take care of a new-born baby too!

Then, in 2001 we embarked on the next major project. With the help of 10 volunteers from the Australian Conservation Trust, we commenced on the installation of a 2.4km, custom-built predator proof fence surrounding the whole 100 acres. This marked the transformation of the property into a Wildlife Conservation Sanctuary.

Yelverton Brook now acts as a safe release site for critically endangered native wildlife – including assisting in the relocation of Woylies from Perth Zoo and the Department of Environment and Conservation in Narrogin.

Today, we are home to a host of Australian animals, including three critically endangered species. Our work is also helping native Australian flora to thrive, returning the bushland to an ‘Eden status’ which provides a safe haven to over 50 species of birdlife.

Looking to the future, we would love to reintroduce the Brushtailed Wallaby and Quokka to the area.

Our mission has always been to protect the natural environment and we hope that through our work over the past three decades, Yelverton Brook has helped to inspire others to do the same.

Yelverton Brook Birdlife
Yelverton Brook Kangaroos
Yelverton Brook Kangaroos
Yelverton Brook Kangaroos

Yelverton Brook Wildlife Guide

To learn more about the amazing animals that call Yelverton Brook Conservation Sanctuary home, check out our Wildlife Guide.

Awards and Achievements

We are extremely proud of the numerous awards and accolades we have received over the years in recognition of our hard work and dedication to conservation and tourism. Here are just some we are most proud of…

  • 2020 Ecotourism Australia Hall of Fame
  • 2020 The B&B School Accommodation Provider Of The Year
  • 2019 Finalist in Australia’s Favourite Family Business
  • 2010 Ecotourism Association of Australia Green Travel Leader
  • 2008 Featured in Australian Traveller Magazine
  • 2007 WA Environment Awards Biodiversity Conservation Commendation
  • 2007 Finalist in Banksia Foundation Sustainability Award
  • 2005 Winner Australian Government Bushcare Nature Conservation Award


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