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Unique Walktrails
Extensive walktrails meander around Yelverton Brook Conservation Sanctuary-
Come and enjoy exploring what Yelverton Brook has to offer you along our walktrails.
Rest on the seating and dine at the picnic sites to imagine listening to the sounds of nature,
the soft breeze through the Sheoak needles are a wonderous sound. We have placed 70 tonnes
of crushed limestone along the walktrails by wheelbarrow and shovel to stop any dieback being spread
through the property, this also makes it much easier to follow the trails. A long and short trail
 are on offer depending on your energy levals. Don't forget to take your camera, the wildlife
sometimes is a little elusive.

We have reintroduced predated fauna back onto the property, now offering them a safe release site
free of ferals animals eg" foxes, cats and rabbits. This has become a safe breeding place and
excess fauna will be release onto other like minded properties and DEC managed lands. The
Woylie or Brushtailed Bettong breeding has been successful with 20+ bred now and have now
been released into the 100ac Conservation Sanctuary.

Look out for the Snottlegobble trees, Emu Plums, Swamp Bottlebrush, Xmas Trees and much,
 much more. All this predator fencing has been done by Simon & Joy, learning from other
properties in Australia & New Zealand.
Replacement of this predator proof fence is estimated  at $100,000- $120,000 so far & hundreds
 of man hours have gone into building the Conservation  Sanctuary fence.
All of this is self funded from accommodation revenue, only one small grant
of $2,900 from GeoCatch for Streamlining Funding round which was greatly appreciated.

Any donations to our ongoing conservation work is greatly appreciated. You can donate via
Paypal with any major credit card to

In each private spa chalet you have been provided with a "Bird Indentification Field Guide"
and flower guide books. Plus a copy of the local "Cape to Cape" walking track guide along
the coast from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin.

We are planning to offer Sponsership & Adoption packages for our native fauna species.
All of the structual work for the electric front gate is complete and the electric fence is now ticking.
We have learnt that extending the fence upwards to a final height of 2.1mts will help to keep
the cats out, currently at 1.6mts with electric wires on top of the rabbit netting and rabbit
repair on the ground both sides of the fence to stop ferals digging their way into the Sanctuary.
Colourbond panels have been added to the gates to stop cats getting in.

Explore Yelverton Brook via  web magic!

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