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Guest Comments from our Visitors Books -
  Date  Chalet  Name  Comment
 Oct '06  Jarrah  Pat, Raimunda, Jackie & Hilda  What a blessing this weekend has been for all of us. Thanks to Simon & Joy you thought of everything & to Raimunda for the delicious food. Thanks for looking after the bush & wildlife, the bird songs to wake us up, a delight. This is paradise on earth, peace, joy & love to all.
 10th Nov '06  Jarrah  Jo & Mauro  At first we found it hard to relax, (always being in city big TV) then we saw the kangaroos, how cute, wanted to take one home. After that couldn't move just what the doctor ordered. Great food, lots of it ( I think i've added about 10kgs) Thankyou for showing us you don't have to live in the modern world to have an excellent time. "Our honeymood"
 20th Nov '06  Jarrah  Rhonda & Bill
 Loverly spa by night, wake up to the sounds of the birds, watching them take their early morning baths over breakfast, great way to start the day.
Nice to have a "Tree" change! A great escape from the pressure's of life. How lucky you are Joy & Simon to live a dream. Thanks for sharing your touch of Paradise!
 3-10th Jan '07  Jarrah  Donna
I came here to rest & recuperate after some difficult years. It was just wonderful - from the spa to the kangaroos, the loverly chalet to the yummy bread, it has been just what I needed. A week hasn't been long enough - so I'll just have to come back!
And hopefully next time I can bring someone to share it all with! Thankyou for sharing your piece of heaven, & your committment to the environment.
 24th March '06  Sheaok  Evan & Melisa Really enjoyed the first two nights of our honeymoon here. Carn't wait to return again next year. great wildlife!!!!
 2nd April '06  Sheoak  BB & Chris - UK Having left home 5/1/04 - cruised across to S. Amercia onto Antartica & across the S.Pacific to NZ & Aussie - this has been the perfect ending to our retirement holiday! Beautiful setting with all needs catered for - we hope to be back end 05/06!
 20th April '06  Sheoak  Jayde, Mera, Clifford & Melanie Your simply the best!
 23rd April '06  Sheoak  Mark & Brooke Wicked as weekend the spa was great we had so much fun!!!
 4th Dec '06  Peppermint  Jacqui, Paul, Neesa & Keeky WOW!!! What can I say. Awesome, Fantastic, Amazing. Love the wildlife + peace + quiet. Simon & Joy you are truly remarkable - Thankyou
 11th Dec '06  Peppermint  Rob & Lorna
We sat on the lawn in the evening, with the roos feeding out of our hand + stroking them! Su=pa doopa place!! "I'll be back"
 26th Dec '06  Peppermint  Thio family - Singapore We would like to say thankyou for everything. It was a great experience for urban dwellers like us. Being so close to mother nature, we truly experienced the beauty of it. This place will leave us great memories of you and your family, as well as the animals, they are our favourite. We look forward to meet you here again for another stay. Take care -best wishes
 6th Jan '07  Peppermint  Ken, Jan & Ann A rare find. Wonderful comphrensive! Loved the roos and birds & the peace! Will come again.
 20th May '06  Peppermint  Karla & Micheal Spa, stars & each other - what more could you want! 
 20-22 Nov '06  Fern  Andrew & Helen
Fantastic as always our 3rd visit and gets better everytime. Our 1st visit with kangaroos etc: kept us entertained for hours, it;s a novelty for us pommes!! Will definatley be back and next time for longer. A little piece of paradise! Thanks Joy & Simon  xx
 5-12 Dec '06  Fern  Adam Wow what a perfect place to start married life. The wild life is truely amazing. Thankyou Joy & SImon for sharing this piece of luxury. We will be back.
 15-17 Dec '06  Fern  Debbie & Peter
 This is the most relaxed we're been on a trip away in years, a great way to unwind. See you next year.
10-19 Jan '07
Warren & Pinky
We can't stop ourselves from coming back!! Each time seems to be more relaxing. The wildlife is a highlight. A special place.
 Novl '06  Banksia  Malcolm & Simone
Very spiritual place, hand feed skippy and friends. Very relaxing. We depart with sweet sorrow! Mal & i slepted, ate, laughed & drank. Not really long enough. Cannot wait until we get to spend a lot more time away from Perth to stay again. We will miss the kangaroos and thier babies!!!!
 Dec '06  Banksia  Agata & Caen
 Wonderful place, quiet, peaceful and exciting! We loved the experience of watching the wildlife and spa under the stars was splendid! Thankyou Simon & Joy
 9th Dec '06 Banksia   Ross & Paula
Back again carn't get enough! The only place where you can truely unwind. Love it here! See u soon!
Jan '07  Banksia  Graham & Julie
 Arrived here 4th Jan with the tail end of Cyclone Isobelle, last few days perfect weather. Very impressed with chalet, much better than we imagined. We are now so laid back we are almost horizontal! Thankyou for a loverly place.

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