Yelverton Brook cares deeply about the environment and has many features to their property that showcase this concern in practical ways.

They purchase locally where possible and support other local businesses and services eg: Food2u & River Fresh IGA offer – breakfast & arrival platters & picnic baskets.

Olsen Catering – private chef service.

Inroom Indulgence – day spa treatments in privacy of your chalet.

Independent service stations.

Local dry goods.

Local hardware etc:

Buy Western Australian or Australian owned products over multi-national companies.

Use Nerada tea from Queensland .

Salt made in Western Australia.

Muesli from Margaret River Nuts & Cereals.

Body Wash is Australian made and owned company.

Organic shampoo & conditioner.

Shower caps packed in recycled packaging.

Use recycled paper products eg: tissues, paper towels, toilet rolls.

Supply large containers of shampoo, conditioner, body wash as the small amenities products use a lot of resources.
Cotton buds, cotton balls, nail-files are supplied in larger containers for guests to reduce individual packaging.
Sanitary bags are brown paper & stamped here @ Yelverton Brook.

Use environment friendly dish washing & hand wash liquid and buy in bulk.

Use olive oil over canola (a weed!) and buy in bulk and refill.

Plunger coffee in large container and buy in bulk and refill.

Offer a range of recycled reading materials & board games.


Printed material is on recycled paper including letterhead paper. Paper for office is 100% recycled as are the envelopes.

Cleaning of the chalets if fibre based eg: Enjo style gloves with water and some plant based products no harsh chemicals.
Toliet spray is made from Orange peel.
Garbage bags are selected because of recycle ability for kitchen & outdoor bins.
Busselton Linen Service are eco friendly operators who wash our linen.
Yelverton Brook has sponsored the Wildlife Carer of the Year Award since 2001 awarded at the local Busselton Agricultural Show with a trophy of local wines so the carer can enjoy drinking themselves or raffle for goods to support their caring of local wildlife.


Yelverton Brook is a registered “Land for Wildlife” member an Australian voluntary conservation program run by the Department of Environment No 232 in WA.


Yelverton Brook has the highest certification in Western Australia of “Advanced Accreditation” & currently the only accommodation operator to do so with with Ecotourism Association of Australia held since Dec 1999.


The property was soil tested for chemicals on purchase and found clean. The Ensor’s use minimal chemicals and only when absolutely necessary. Keeping vegetation off the predator fence so the electric fence can work properly. Spider treatment annually uses a synthetic pyrethuem base, more costly but kinder to all.

Flyswats are provided in each chalet and fly-spay hidden in laundry cupboard……mosquito coils are also provided. Fly-screens on all windows and most doors.

Low wattage fluro based globes used throughout the chalets or three stage touch lamps with low wattage globes. Yellow low wattage globes for back porch lights for night times to reduce attraction to insects.

Water saving shower heads in each chalet.

Dual flush toilets.

Front loading washing machines – Laundry Balls coming……..

  Outdoor hydrotherapy massage spas – use less water and energy than bathroom pull plug styles – Compare bathroom spas use 300-400lts of water per fill, require all this water to be heated and used once and emptied into septic or sewerage systems. Some clients use spa twice or more each day….

Outdoor spas use 1300lts of water which lasts approx 4-6 weeks with 2 stage filter system and chlorine kept to minimum levels (shire tests annually) we test usually every 2 days. Water is kept hot all the time in a well insulated spa with insulated cover. Running costs are approx. $1 per day…..


Solar designed buildings –

Minimal clearing to each building envelopes, retaining shady trees.

Electric 80lts HWS as solar not an option due to tall trees, looking at new Heat Pump HWS. Currently turn off at teh mains when no guests are staying which has saved a lot of power.

Sail shades on two bedroom chalets.

Verandahs on one bedroom chalets.

Roof insulation – double layer in one bedrooms using locally produce wool ant-icon.

Insulated vertical blinds in each chalet.

Insulated bedroom curtains.

Reverse cycle air-conditioning chosen for low energy and low noise.


  Mud-brickshand made in two bedroom chalets – 25kgs per piece x 1200 per chalet.

Made after concrete slab laid with black plastic covering using a 4 cavity mould with shovel, wheelbarrow and concrete mixer and 10% cement powder as stabaliser.

Place gravel mix, local sand (on farm) & cement in mixer add water – tumble until a good mix achieved, pour into wheelbarrow, cart to slab and pour into moulds. Using shovel fill mould, make sure corners filled, level off, pull off mould and put mould into water bath ( old Valient fuel tank with top cut out!). Repeat lost of times…….

Next day turn bricks onto their sides.

Several days later you lift each 25kg brick off the pad and stack so you can later use them when you are ready to lay them in the wall.

By the end of laying you have moved 66 tonnes of mud-bricks without allowing for the actual making of the each brick……very hard work….

After three chalets made this way the Ensor’s changed building styles for the one bedroom chalets to a timber frame with extra insulation in the wall cavity with Hardies blue board with a Hooblerstone finish looking like a stone cottage.

You can save & be aware how to save energy by using these links below -

Eco Footprint Calculator - http://www.wwf.org.au/our_work/people_and_the_environment/human_footprint/footprint_calculator/

Carbon Neutral Calculator - http://www.carbonneutral.com.au/carbon-calculator.html

Some very interesting environmental sites offering all sorts of ideas, tips, green travelling, carbon netural etc:
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