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Brushtailed Wallaby

The brushtailed wallaby is also called the Black Gloved Wallaby. This small wallaby is beautifully marked with dainty small black paws and a black mask over the eye area. It has a thicker tail for it's size than the Grey Kangaroo with definately hairyer on the end than the kangaroo and much smaller to about 1 mt in height.

This wallaby used to reside on this property until 20 years ago and was regually seen around the Busselton - Margaret River area. Now it is found further inland around Nannup township & jarrah forrest. We wish to re-introduce these beautiful creatures back to Yelverton Brook Conservation Sanctaury to allow a safe predator free breeding area and then re-introduce back into the new Yelverton National Park in the future.

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John Gould was so struck by the intense markings of this Wallaby that he moved to remark in 1863 - "if its fore feet and it's tips of its ears have been carefully dipped in ink, they could not been a blacker hue, nor could these colouring terminate more abruptly.  That there is no special land or purpose of this fantastic marking of the kangaroos or many other animals, beyond mere ornament, I think there cannot be a doubt".  The Wallabies pattern may help it to remain camouflaged the bush that is frequently burnt.  Perhaps it is for difficult for a predator distinguished the outline of a motionless Wallaby if its ears  and hands resemble the burnt ends of branches and bark that surround it. 

 Unfortunately very little is known about this Wallaby despite its abundance.  It appears to favour opened forest brackets (e.g. it is abundant in Jarrah Forests) and woodlnds in which it feeds on grasses.  Gould noted that in these habitats it was a very fast Wallaby and difficult to catch. The breeding season is not well known but the young appear to be born in at least the months of April and May.

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