Take Time
Today we're going out! you said.
The jobs can wait.
It's time we enjoyed ourselves.
And so we pushed the washing back into the basket,
closed the door on that half-decorated bedroom
and left our work-a-day selves behind in the
cupboard with the tool-box!
What made today special?
Wandering hand in hand through the
quiteness of the catherdal cloisters?
Laughing at the antics of the ducks as we
scattered the remains of our lunch on the river?
Finding that book we're always wanted at the
back of the market stalls?
Or was it just the sunshine that seemed to
turn our world gold?
Perhaps it was all of those things -
and yet none of them. Today was special
because we took time.
Time to talk, time to find out why,
time to remember that marriage may
be hard work, but it's also intended
to be fun!