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Eco tips for you
Clean your lint filter in your dryer. If the filter is dirty clothes take longer to dry naturally.
Also finish your diswasher cycle and leave the door open so your dishes dry naturally, This can save up to one third off your energy bill.

Switch off the TV set at the wall. And do the same with the video, microwave, stereo and toher appliances. Otherwise they still draw a small amount of power and you save up to $100 per year. It also preserves their life!
Check about buying green based power from your state supplier, usually slightly more but offer great environmetal savings.

Use less water by reducing showers by three minutes a day, two adults will save around $2.50 per week or $130 per year.
Install dual flushing toilets.
Fitting window coverings can half winter heat loss and in summer, window coverings can prtoect from the sun's glare.
A well insulated home can be up to 5C warmer in winter and 10C cooler in summer & can save as much as $330 per year in heating & cooling costs.
Draught seals prevent heat loss in winter and help trap the cool air in summer, draughts can increase heating costs by more than 20%.
If heating a small room use a small fan heater make sure it is dust free and the reflector is shiny. Do not over heat your home.
Set the thermostat at the lowest possible setting and increase the tempreture gradually.
A one degree increase in tempreture adds 15% to your energy bill.

Think secondhand, eg: restaurants going out of business, offices selling furniture and computers are good places to find bargins. Try scanning newspapers for deceased sales or going out of business auctions.
Support your local charity shops, secondhand books & clothes save you heaps.

Buy in bulk yourself or get a co-op going with some friends.

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