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His love will set you free

"His Love Will Set You Free”

Standing on the outside looking in,

When your heart is full of turmoil

and you’re thinking you can’t win.

When you wonder in your heart,

That no-one seems to care;

Not seeing that God cares for you

and sees your deep despair.

For he understands your feelings

And he knows when you can’t cope.

He sent His Son to die for you,

to give you life and hope.

Every pain that you must bear,

Christ suffered on the cross,

Rejected by the ones He loved;

He feels your every loss.

He knows when you are lonely,

He wants to be your friend.

When other people turn away;

On Christ you can depend.

His promise not to leave you,

to face the world alone.

He always will be with you,

His gift of Life to own.

He longs to take your burdens,

To comfort all your cares.

If you will only turn to him.

He’ll listen your prayers.

So come to Jesus as you are;

Your greatest friend to be;

If you will ask Him to forgive,

His love will set you free.

© by Marcell Billinghurst

Busselton W.A.

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