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Hover Adds
 Hover Ad Generator- the popup that cant be blocked     
Get more of your prospects to sign up for your newsletter.
Get a much higher return on your valuable investment & reap the rewards, grow your database quickly & easilly.
Popup Blockers prevent 25% of prospects from seeing your Ads Hi my friend
Are you wondering why your ad campaign is failing?
The answer is because of popup blocking software!
4 million People can now block your regular popups.
Popup Blockers have become a marketers worst nightmare.
The good news is, now You can now fight back with Hover Ads!
Whats a Hover AD you ask?
Hover Ads are the next generation in popup technology and cant be blocked by any popup blocker in the market.I came across this site that offers a software that can create Hover Ads at the click of a button.
Want to know more? Well, I won't say any more - once you see it,you'll know just how effective this will be on your own web site.
Oh,and before i forgot - for today, they are giving you a free trial of this amazing software so you can add an Hover Ad to your own web site.
So dont waste time,
Bye for now, Joy Ensor

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