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Birds Photo Gallery at Yelverton Brook
    Here is some pictures of birds found at Yelverton Brook. As we do not have a large body of permanent water so we do not have many waterbirds, they are occassionally seen dropping into our small dams for a fish......they like our Marron (freshwater crustasans).
The Kingfisher is a beautiful fisher.

 24 images found. Page: 1 2
28 Parrots
28 Parrot 2
White Tailed Cockatoo
New Holland Honeyeater
Female Blue Wren
Maine Goose
Male Blue Wren
Firetailed Finch
New Holland Honeyeater 2
Redcapped Parrot
Western Rosella Male
Stick birdnest
Tawny Frogmouths
Western Spinebill

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